3 Dots Story

At the forefront of 3 Dots Design is the commitment to creating strategic retail designs…stores that not only look fantastic, but function equally as well.   This functionality revolves greatly around cutting edge store fixtures that are easy to use and that make your product pop.  Better fixtures = More sales for you.  It's that simple. 

At 3 Dots Design, our team has been designing retail environments and store fixtures for over 20 years, in all different industries.   During these years, we have established solid relationships with some of the best retail fixture manufacturers in the world.   What does this mean to you?   Awesome retail fixtures, great prices, better merchandising and selling more products in your store.   

We’re proud to invite you to explore our broad offering of retail store fixtures and look forward to helping you make the right decisions along the way.  It can be tricky to think of everything, so don’t be shy…we’re here to make it easy.   As every order hits our system, we will personally review them and make sure you’ve got all the right accessories and hardware to make your displays hum.   

If you’ve got any questions or are interested in having us develop custom retail fixtures for your store, please give us a shout!